Export YouTube video comments to CSV.

YouTube comment exporting tool that scrapes all comments of a video and exports them as CSV.

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You can scrape 3 videos per day for free.

One tool for many use-cases.

Export CSV

Explore comment data in CSV with a spreadsheet software.

Sentiment Analysis

Conduct sentiment analysis on comments with like counts.

Pick Winners

Run a contest and choose a random winner from comments.

Active Hours

Check timestamps to find out when your audience is active.

Understand Audience

Identify top commenters and fans on YouTube channels.

Perform Backup

Save and backup comments before deleting your video.

“I have been using Coberry to mine public responses to YouTube videos for scientific research. I can wholeheartedly recommend Coberry! The interface is user-friendly and doesn’t necessitate any special knowledge or programming skills. What I’ve found particularly useful is that multiple CSV files can be exported at once, and are easily distinguishable with customisable tags. Great tool for Master and PhD students interested in communication studies and internet-based research.”

Academic in Vienna

“Thank you so incredibly much for building such an invaluable tool. You cut down the amount of time that I was working to get this information from 6 hours to 30 minutes. It has been a gamechanger.”

Social Media Strategist in North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export YouTube comments?

YouTube itself does not provide a way to save or export all video comments. Our YouTube comment export tool does. It lets you save all public comments of any video and analyze them in a spreadsheet. Create an account to export comments.

What information is exported to CSV?

The exported CSV contains all relevant information about a video comment. It includes the comment itself, replies to the comment, the timestamp when it was posted, the number of likes, and commenter information such as the author’s name and channel ID. You can even customize the columns you need during CSV export.

Are comment replies exported?

You can select whether replies of comments should be exported. Simply activate the checkbox when exporting a new video.

Can I export all public comments?

Yes, you can export all public comments for a given YouTube video and download them as CSV. The tool is intuitive to use and you can find a tutorial on how to export video comments.

Can I export comments of several videos combined?

Once you have a list of videos in your dashboard, it’s possible to select multiple videos and download a combined list of all comments.

Is there a keyword search for comments?

Yes. You can search video comments by keyword or keyword phrases. Literal searches are also possible if you want to search for exact string matches.

Do you offer plain text export?

Besides CSV download, you can also download all comments in plain text. Researchers prefer a plain text file that can be fed into their sentiment analysis software to analyze how a video is perceived.

How many YouTube comments are exported?

All public comments found for a video are exported. Videos with more than 5,000 comments cannot be scraped for free. You can purchase an upgrade to scrape videos comments with up to 75,000 comments.

Are there any restrictions?

To give every user a fair chance to save comments, you can export up to 3 videos per day for free. A video with more than 5,000 comments cannot be exported. You can purchase an upgrade to export video comments with up to 75,000 comments each.

Is it possible to pick contest winners?

You’ve found the right place. After a scraping process completes, Coberry can automatically pick random contest winners for you. It will count every commenter once for equal winning chances and you can pick up to 25 winners.