Searching YouTube Comments by Keywords or Tags

Search the comments of a YouTube video thoroughly, whether it is from your channel or not. This guide shows you how to quickly crawl comments and look for one or more keywords.

  • Grace Teo

YouTube has no native search function for a video’s comments. You would have to scroll down until all comments have been loaded, then use the browser’s native search function by pressing Control + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac).

This method is not at all feasible. Searching for a particular keyword or phrase can get difficult especially in a long list of comments. Mind that you also have to reveal all comment replies as they are otherwise not captured by the browser’s search.

Coberry helps you to extract and search through YouTube video comments and their replies by keywords or keyword phrases.

Export YouTube Video Comments

Follow this guide to export YouTube comments in your dashboard. It’s as easy as pasting the video’s URL or video ID into the form field.

The export process will run in the background. It can take a few moments depending on the number of comments but you will be redirected to the results when the process completes.

Search by Keyword or Keyword Phrase

In the panel for the exported video comments, find the search box to filter by keyword. You can even do a literal search using quotation marks to search for keyword phrases. Wrap a string in quotes like so: ‘keyword’.

Keyword search in video comments
Keyword search in video comments
Posted October 21, 2020

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