How to Pick a Random Winner From YouTube Comments

You can use an online tool to pick one or several winners for your YouTube contest, giveaway, promotion or sweepstake. It’s completely automated to save you time.

  • Matt Hagemann

If your YouTube channel is growing slower than you would like, then running a contest could give you a boost in subscribers and views.

There are a few ways you can ask your audience to engage in the comments section.

  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with another YouTuber so you can tap into each other’s audience. The collaboration has to be beneficial for both channels to result in genuine engagement. It will usually be among two YouTubers of similar subscriber count.
  • Promotion: Team up with a brand that is also seeking to expose its products to a wider audience. Here again, the promotion has to be beneficial to both sides in order to be effective. Think wisely whether the advertised product or service is genuinely useful for your audience.
  • Self-sponsored: You can also run a promotion for your own product or service. Maybe you have an online store that you want to advertise to your audience or simply want to ship out a printed T-shirt.

The goal of every contest is to drive engagement up and to hear directly from your audience. When they do engage, it should be in the form of a like and a comment. You can then pick a random winner among the comments.

Use Coberry to Pick Random Winners

Follow this simple guide to export video comments. After the export finishes, you will find a convenient feature to randomly select a winner among comments.

The process is entirely automated so you don’t have to juggle around with spreadsheets and online calculators.

Export All Video Comments

Once inside the dashboard, click the New Export button on the top right. A dialog appears in which you can paste the video’s link.

Export all YouTube video comments with Coberry
Export all YouTube video comments with Coberry

The export process starts immediately and you will see the result shortly after. Popular videos with a lot of comments can take a few moments to complete.

Pick One or Several Random Winners

Click Pick Winners within the asset’s page to pick up to 25 random winners among the comments. The tool has a few smart features built in to ensure fair play:

  • The video’s creator is excluded.
  • Each author is counted once for equal chances of winning.
  • Authors of comment replies are excluded.
Pick a random comment with Coberry
Pick a random comment with Coberry

Hopefully this tool is exactly what you were looking for. Let me know however I can improve the experience to save you more hours of work.

I wish you a lot of success and engagement with your next contest.

Posted August 9, 2020

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